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Daesung tries his first kiss scene in his Japanese MV. Omg. What?!?!?! It looks pretty though. He said he was so nervous that he forgot everything that happened. They had to shoot it many times in different angles. Ah, I love Daesung. ❤

NO Daesung kissing pic on my blog!!!! Nahhh JK. 

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My friend texted me saying there was an article in my city’s newspaper about kpop… Lol why? We’re 81% white no one is going to care. I don’t want people from my city liking BIGBANG it sounds mean but most of them are rich, snobby, and racists. Not down.

Oakville’s newspaper? Me wanna see. 

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Please take a moment to read and sign this.

I don’t know if you guys know about this but it is very hard to live in South Korea when you have a disability. The Kim family came to Canada to escape this but has been denied permanent residency in Canada because of their child’s autism being a ‘burden’. If their child, Taehoon, goes back to South Korea he is most likely going to face discrimination because of his autism. Please sign the petition to support him and his families wish to stay in Canada and become PR. And also if you can please reblog and share with your friends and families.

Thank you,
V.I.P Confessions (TOP Admin)

Sign the petition and help the family please!!!

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[Info/Promo] ATTENTION to Canadian VIPs! AsiaFM can be a reality!


Basically AsiaFM is working to be an official radio station focusing on Asian culture and music for Canadian listeners. For more details about their background, you can check out their Facebook page.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are now calling for supporters to submit comments to CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) so that their mission to be an official station would be made possible. 

Go to and submit your supportive comment, telling CRTC why do you support AsiaFM. The more details the better, it won’t take up much time cuz YOU LOVE ASIAN MUSIC, don’t you? If you want to hear Big Bang, Kpop and other great Asian music on your radio, THIS IS THE TIME! Support AsiaFM!!!!


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and TOP stayed as far away as possible [x]

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stripping maknae #2, hyungs must be horny

i just love how he ran off stage to grab a shirt ahahah

Grabbed a vest that still showed most of his skin. Me approve. 

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Daesung @ 120303 BIGSHOW/ALIVE Concert [D-2]

High-Lite: “Modification,deletion of logo on pictures and videos is prohibited.”


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Big Bang Alive tour main director Laurieann Gibson replied to a VIP on Twitter. 

Thanks @asianmustache for telling us! HEY YA TORONTO YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Time to save up for tickets, Canadian VIPs! Hopefully they will come to other cities especially Vancouver too. CanadaBigbang is gonna chase the boys everywhere!!!! - Lady boss Maymay


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c: smileholic by 妍希小餅

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You have no idea how much this makes me happy, Dae. Your passion, energy, excitement… I can feel them. And I’m only watching this video. :’) What I’d give to be one of the crowd cheering you on, as you take the stage by storm. Welcome back, Kang Daesung. 

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Dae looks like he’s having so much fun! [x]

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